10 Common Dog Poisons: Medicine, Food, Plants and More

10 common dog poisons

We love sharing our food with our furry friend, but what we consider an act of love, can be dangerous, even poisonous for dogs.

Each year thousands of pet poisoning cases are reported. Many of these are caused by the substances found at home, things that you might consider harmless to you might lead to your best friend’s death. Some of the most dangerous foods that lead to dog poisoning are the medications we ingest daily.

Due to this, pets suffer accidental poisoning, neurological disorder, respiratory disease, and other problems leading to coma and death.

Here are the most common causes of dog poisonings that being a pet parent you should know:-

1. Medications

Drugs that are beneficial for humans can be life-threatening for dogs. It’s not that, they will harm only when consumed in large quantities. They can harm when ingested or inhaled in small quantities too.

Some of the medications that harm your dog are:

Anti-inflammatory medications like naproxen, ibuprofen causes stomach ulcers

Antidepressants can cause vomiting, seizures, an increase in heart rate, raise body temperature, etc.

Isoniazid is a drug to treat tuberculosis. Even one tablet can cause a coma in small dogs.

2.  Mouse and rat poison

Dogs die when they consume rats and mice poison as it contains bromethalin. This affects animals’ appetite, movement, etc. A dog who eats rodent poison
faces digestive tract problems therefore, if your dog ingests it, reach out to the vet.


3.  Insecticides 


You might think you are saving your dog from insects by using these products. But most of these products instead of keeping the flea away act as dog poisoning agents and harm your dog.


4. Household Cleaners 


Certainly, they help clean your household items and keep your home shining but when consumed by dog things get serious and your dogs are poisoned.


Detergents and fabric softener cause ulcers, gasoline.

Kerosene causes difficulty in breathing.

Naphthalene balls cause seizures and diarrhea.

Window cleaner contains methanol resulting in low blood sugar and dizziness.


5. Fertilizers 


They are good for your plants but when ingested by dogs it can be dangerous leading to pancreatitis.


6. People Food 


Denying your pup for anything they want is tough. Those cute little companions are hard to overlook. When they sit next to you begging for a bite of chocolate or cake you can’t say no. But you should because it can save their life. Some food and beverages that are entirely safe for you are harmful to your dog.

●        Chocolates



        Grapes & raisins

        Macadamia nuts


7.  Plants

 They are pretty and make us feel good but plants aren’t pet friendly. Some of the toxic plants that act as a poisonous agent are:

Daffodils and Tulips Bulbs of these plants cause difficulty in breathing, stomach problems and increases the heart rate.

Rhododendrons and Azaleas These plants contain toxins that cause vomiting, coma, diarrhea leading to death.

8. Veterinary products

Flea medication and tick treatments are intended to help pup but, when accidentally ingested they poison your dog. You might be using them to favor your dog but thousands of dogs get poisoned due to them. Therefore, you should talk to consult your vet about safe OTC products.


9. Metal Poisoning

 This can happen in several ways – licking paint can, contaminated water, breathing polluted air. If you suspect your dog is poisoned due to consumptions of chemicals you need to visit your vet.


If you want your pet to be healthy and safe try keeping him away from these things. Any of these things even ingested in small quantities can lead to dog poisoning. Therefore, keep them out of your dogs reach and be a great pet parent. 


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