10 Natural Best Home Remedies for Itchy Dogs

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We all can relate with that unpleasant sensation within the skin that provokes the desire of scratch, aka itching. Like humans' animals do show signs of itching due to food allergies, environmental change, etc. Some of these can be treated at home using natural remedies while others require to visit a vet.

Here we list home remedies to treat itchy dogs.

Best Home Remedies To Soothe Your Dogs Itchy Skin

Chamomile & Herbal Tea Soaks – The most straightforward home remedy to soothe and cool irritated dogs' skin is to steep tea bags in lukewarm water for 3 minutes. Remove the tea bags and let your dog soak into this water for at least five minutes. 

 Alternatively, to treat itchy patches, steep one or two bags of green tea into a cup of water. Leave it for some time once the water is cooled downpour it on the itchy patch. Let your dog dry naturally; do not rinse. It will help soothe dog's itchy skin.

Get rid of plastic dishes – Use of plastic plates is harmful to everyone, be it humans or animals. Therefore, stop using plastic dishes to feed your dog. Over time plastic dishes, develop tiny cracks that act as a home for bacteria, causing a reaction in sensitive dogs. 

Hence replace them with ceramic, steel, or glass bowl. 

Coconut OilUse organic, unrefined, virgin coconut oil to treat skin infections, allergies, eczema, and even bug bites. Agreed there are particular controversies on using coconut oil, but massaging organic coconut oil into the coat and skin does help dogs to get relief from itchy skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Popularly known as ACV, it is a natural and safe home remedy to treat itchy skin. As it is anti-fungal and antiseptic, it proves to be beneficial in treating itchy skin. However, using it on a raw and opened coat directly is not recommended. Therefore, create a mix in a spray bottle with 50% water and 50% ACV. Use it on your dogs' itchy skin to treat him. 

Additionally, you should also soak their paws in this solution for five minutes. It helps remove a patch of poison ivy or any other substance that can cause itching. 

Use Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is a lifesaver. Not only it acts as a healing agent, but it also reduces skin redness and cools the skin. You can apply Aloe Vera directly on the dog's affected area. Aloe Vera gel can be procured from a medial store or can be extracted from a plant.

Oatmeal Bath – This age-old remedy surely helps soothe your dog's itchy skin. To use it, grind plain oatmeal into a fine powder, add water to it, and create a paste. Now apply it on our dog's fur, it will help reduce inflammation and will wash away allergens trapped in the fur.

Add oil to your dog's diet -  Feeding your dog, a balanced diet helps keep them fit and healthy. To treat dry skin that causes itchiness, add oil into his food. This will help soothe and heal itchy skin. You can also feed them with Omega3 fatty acids. 

Use Baking Soda – Baking soda can do more than rising baking good. Combine 50% water and 50% baking soda, to make a pack & apply it on the rashes and let it dry. This will reduce inflammation and alleviated itching in your dog. Keep it for 20 minutes and then rinse it.

These are some of the finest and easy to use home remedies that you can use to soothe your dog and help him deal with itchiness. If you have a problem, you can say it but your pup cannot. Therefore, you need to take care of and understand the problem. However, if nothing of this helps bring him to the vet. 


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