10 Ways To Care for your Pets During Wintertime in India

Winter has arrived and the temperature curve is ready to take a deeper dive with chilly mornings and freezing nights in the approaching months. You are probably packed in layers even as you read this, but what about your furry pal? Many people assume that the fur coat of your pet is enough to protect them from winter chills which are absolutely untrue. Animals actually need a little extra care in times like these, take a stroll with us and discover ways to keep the tail of your furry pal wagging with joy.

  1. Avoid exposure: We are always over caring for our kids during winters, that’s something we need to do for our pets too. Stepping out from homes during the winter season is not so easy, chilling winters can raise trouble for your dogs. Restrict your dog from going out in winters as it can create health issues for the delicate life.
  2. Protect the paws: Most households are furnished with marble/tile floors and walking on them during winters is obviously a huge obstacle. Provide appropriate footwear to your dogs and allow them to have warm paws to defeat the winters. Also, you can lay carpets to prevent the paws from getting in contact with the cold floor.
  3. Offer skin warmers: Have you ever thought of going outside without woolens/warmers during the peak of winters? Imagining this situation gives goosebumps to us! Our dogs too find it difficult to survive during the extreme winters. Appropriate woolens should be provided to the dogs so that they can get reasonable warmth to defeat the winter challenge.
  4. Natural Warmers: Their furs offer them natural warmth. Our dogs are blessed with thick fur and hence this natural coat lets them stay warm during the winters. So, we should avoid shaving/trimming their furs during the winters. Also, we should restrict our dogs to go outside immediately after the bath. As their furs go wet during the bath, appropriate time should be spent so that the furs go dry before going outside.
  5. Keep heating devices away: We all use indoor heating devices to keep the warmth of the surroundings, but it’s quite risky for the dogs. As they can get injured/burnt, if they come in contact with any such equipment. Keep them away from the range of dogs to avoid injuries.
  6. Healthy Diet: Dogs burn extra calories during winters as they effort to keep their body warm. Feeding them with approximately 10% more calories will be a balanced choice. With an aim to increase the calorie intake, the excessive feed will lead them to obesity so the balanced diet should be maintained as per doctor/dieticians’ advice and sufficient nutrients for dogs should be supplied with the right choice of dog vitamin and mineral supplements. You can also get Vita-tabs multivitamin nutritional supplement for dogs.
  7. Treat them with Warm Bedding: Our dogs can go sick if they stay in touch with a cold surface, so warm bedding is required to prevent them from the winter threat. Appropriate mattresses and beddings can assist the dogs in having a warm and relaxing nap.
  8. Routine change of drinking water: During winters, dogs are more thirsty but they feel it quite problematic as the water in drinking bowls turns cold in a short time during winters. So, it should be replaced within every 2-3 hours.
  9. Know your Dog: Like humans, every dog has different body features and biology. Some are comfortable in summer while some of them feel relaxed during the winters, so we should know the comfort zone of our dogs and let them enjoy their favorite seasons and survive happily during their anti-climatic conditions. If your dog shows the symptoms or is having kidney disease, then AminAvast Kidney Function for Dogs is the best supplement you can use.
  10. Routine Health Check-Up: During the winters, dogs prone to arthritis face difficulties in executing even their daily routine. So, extra pampering is required for them during the winters. Routine consultation with the doctors to ensure their healthy lifestyle is a must. Change in dog vitamin and mineral supplements are required as per the dog’s body needs. Joint Max Triple Strength Hip & Joint Pain Relief Soft Chews for All-Aged Dogs is the best choice to strengthen your dog’s bony health.

Winters are harsh for everybody and it is extremely important that you watch over your pets and make sure you keep them warm and fuzzy. These are just a few points you should keep in mind, but being attentive to their distinctive needs is the only way to ensure they don't fall ill. On a serious note, if you ever find a way to tell them that their wagging tails send a gust of freezy wind our way, let us know.


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