5 Dog Psychology You Have Never Heard Before

Do you think that you know everything about your four-pawed friend? Get ready to know some mind-blowing facts that will actually change your perception of how well you know the tail that wags for you. Get to know these amazing facts about your pal which will fill you with more joy and wonder and when you will look at your pet after reading this; you will definitely look at them with amazement. 

Dogs Do Not Have Dominating Nature

As D stands for Dominance and Dogs; our four-pawed friends are not dominating in nature. They rely on us for emotional and intellectual stimulation and social support. We show dominance in our behavior to get the response from our pets that we desire and they blend into the kind of behavior you expect from them.

Dogs Feel Guilty

Dogs have basic emotions like joy, happiness, sadness and they also have guilt, fear in them and they feel guilty when we get angry with them because they tore our cushions or eat the shoe that was in the living room because he had nothing to play with. There's still more researches to be done on this, we cannot just close the door saying that dogs feel guilty. We have to go a long way down to get a proper explanation of neural emotions linked with dogs. 

Dogs and Time

Where we live and how we grow up shapes our present and the future as well. A dog is always seemed to be living in the present, but of course, they remember their past. We just cannot say that dogs live in present and do not remember about yesterday. They remember where to poop; what do they like eating and who all are their friends. We have to dig more into how the past influences their present and future; both positively and negatively. 

Dogs Can Sense Your Feelings

Whenever you are happy; the tail wags in your happiness. When you are sad; the dog comes quietly to engage with your feelings and lets you know he is there for you. When you’re angry; they know it. A dog can sense every possible feeling that a human being contains.

Dogs Have the DNA of Wolves

Dogs are descendants of the majestic - grey wolves. They have lived outside From knowing the origin of dogs to what is known of them now, evolution has changed its course in a long way! Canus Lupus, known as our lovable pet with four paws now; is one of humanity’s first domesticated animals. But the history of dogs did not start as what it is now. Canus Lupus or the ‘grey wolf’ started its journey in partnership with Homosapiens. They helped each other with hunting and finding food to survive in the harsh wild. Eventually, with time the grey wolf became less frightening and fearful as it stayed in association with human beings.

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