5 Funny Cats Memes to Make Your Day

These cute furry felines make the perfect pet for our home; being one of the best companions in our life. They are funny, sometimes annoying but these memes will surely make your day hilarious. We have selected some of the most amusing content from the internet that you must surely look at!

Me after taking an online class for one hour (save me god)

Me patiently waiting for the lockdown to get over so that I can go to my kitty party (lol)

Me enthusiastically taking a bath knowing that I have to play with Susan in the mud after one hour (get ready for another bath)

On my mind: I'll do makeup as Kylie Jenner does

Me after makeup: (Oops)

When couples say they will spend each second loving each other (sorry Susan, there's no true love available except me)

Comment below and let us know which meme you liked the most! 


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