5 Indian Instagram Pet Pages to Follow Now

We usually start our day with a yawn and endless scrolling on Instagram. One might come across an Instagram model or a meme or a cute puppy or a cat! You can decide what you see by following the right pages. They have no idea that they have become influencers on the world’s famous platforms and are advertising products and getting loved by billions of people.
You really have to start your day right and continue it that way by following these adorable, wonderful animals accounts run by their human companions and show some love that they deserve! We’ve made a list of the top 5 Instagram pet pages in India. 
Go to their pages and check out the pure content hoomans are posting of their pets which will surely make you animal lovers follow their pages!


 If the happy pals of beagles knew how famous they are on social media platforms; they would go crazy about it! They have amassed a whopping 36k followers & flooded Instagram with cuteness!


Did you know the name Cara Bella is a Spanish word and actually translates to “BEAUTIFUL FACE”? Which we cannot deny because GOD! Look at her face! Also, you will find the word ‘beautiful’ in all the comments of her post.


It’s the perfect page for all sorts of happy posts to look at and has got a permanent smile on her face! These photos feature more cuteness delivered to you via Instagram; a frequently-updated page that every dog-centric person must follow!


Posting adorable photos and videos; the brother of our beloved cat - Cara Bella; is too cute not to follow. And Who doesn’t love labradors? Cookie paws IG is filled with cute photos and videos. If you want to know more, head to his Instagram handle - @cookiepaws_thelab


The mainstream of this page is her magnificent eyes and the expression she gives! The fashionable and comic pug posts quirky pictures in costumes and is the most stylish pug in the world. Go check out her great IG page and don’t forget to follow her!

Whether it a fluffy cat or a little puppy with the gentlest eyes and cutest toe beans, you cannot miss out and have permanent smiles on your face. It would be a crime. All these accounts have been carefully curated just for you, to bring a smile to your face and melt your heart. You can even stalk them with your pet and show them how their friends are getting famous! Follow these adorable furries! 
Happy Pawsome Scrolling!


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