7 Common Mistakes Made by Dog Owners With Dog Training Treats

Meta: Here we enlist 7 common dog training treats mistakes that most dog owners make. You need to avoid them to give your puppies a healthy life. 

Furry friends are the best companions and a source of happiness but taking their responsibility is too much. Even though being a pet parent, you try to take care of everything yet might end up making some mistakes when picking dog training treats. 

Therefore, here we enlist 7 common mistakes you might be making unknowingly with your pup. 

Being aware of them will help keep your pooch healthy and safe when you train them. 

1. Show Consistency – Dogs aren’t as attentive as humans but they do pay attention to their owners’ behavior.  As the bond between you two strengthens you become the most important part of his life. But do you know if your dog doesn’t trust you this bond can be broken? 

This happens because there is no routine and they cannot adapt easily to the changes. 

Therefore, you need to show some consistency and use the same techniques to train your furry friend. Do not lose your temper while doing and maintain consistency. Most importantly when they do as trained, they should be rewarded the best dog training treat.  For this, you can feed them Lil Bitz Tasty Training, Wild Salmon + Kelp treats

2. A correction based on training instead of Positive Reinforcement – Poor timing is another common mistake made by pet parents. Since your pooch lives in the moment. You need to praise and react when they are doing something good. While if your dog misbehaves you need to correct him that moment because he cannot understand your reaction after the moment is gone. Say for example he has a habit of lying on the kitchen top you cannot be angry about it when he doesn’t do it. They cannot understand it.

3. Don’t confine training in one place – You might be training your dog at home as it is the place where you spend the most time. But don’t confine training to one place. Your dog will not learn how to behave in other places. 

Try training outside, at the park, someone’s place, or a different place. This way your dog will learn how to keep behavior consistent.

4. Avoid sharing from your plate – We love pampering our dog and, in this process, we share a bite or so with them from our plate. Sometimes sharing a nibble of chicken or steak is ok but doing so often is not good. To keep your pup healthy and fit you need to feed them a balanced diet that is made up of 90% of the essential nutrients they need. 

Keeping this in mind Lil Bitz bite-sized Tasty Training, Wild Salmon + Kelp treats are designed. These treats do not contain any added flavor. Moreover, they are perfect for training your pup, it's only 4 calories per treat. This means you don’t have to worry about your pooch gaining weight. 

5. Keep a calorie count – Overfeeding your furry friend can lead to the most dangerous thing i.e. obesity. Therefore, to keep their weight in check you need to limit their treats. If you want to reward them with a treat then look for something that is 10% of your daily calorie intake. Like a human’s calorie count of your dog depends on their age, activity, and weight. To get more information about it you can consult your dog. In addition to this always check the calorie count for treats you feed. Lil Bitz Tasty Training, Wild Salmon + Kelp treats are only 4 calories per treat.

6. Do not feed them the same treats to both cats and dogs – Compared to cats, dogs need more calories. Therefore, don’t feed both the pet’s same food. You should give them food designed specifically for them. As it will have all the essential ingredients that are required for their growth

7. Steer clear of toxic food – Who doesn’t love grapes, macadamia nuts, coffee, onion, chocolates? Everyone does but these foods are toxic for your pooch. Hence, to avoid poisoning your dog keep them away from these toxic foods and feed something that is made for them. A good option you can go with is Lil Bitz Tasty Training, Wild Salmon + Kelp treats

So, this is all. By keeping these points in mind and by not repeating these 7 mistakes you can keep your dog healthy. Not only this, but you can also even train him well and will see good progress. What do you think about it? Do share your feedback in the section below.


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