Cat Dental Care: A Complete Guide to Brush Your Cats Teeth

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Congratulations you have decided to take care of your cat’s teeth.

More than half of the cats over the age of three suffer from periodontal disease. This happens because most cat parents fear sticking a cat toothbrush into their kitty’s fanged mouth. However, if you love your cat and want to save her from the ultimate pain of tooth loss you need to brush your cat’s teeth. By following the right technique and using correct tools you can brush their teeth and save them from periodontal diseases.

So, here’s a quick guide on how to brush your cat’s teeth.

When should you brush the cat’s teeth?

Like us, cat’s too need daily dental care. Therefore, you need to teach your  cat to accept brushing teeth. Certainly, it will take some time and some training but will become easy once they get familiar with it. Daily brushing  will not only keep their teeth healthy but will also create a routine. However, if you don’t have time to brush your cat’s teeth daily you can do it thrice a week and keep them away from periodontal disease.

Note:- While she’s still a kitten teach her to accept brushing teeth.

Steps to follow to teach the cat to accept tooth brushing

To successfully brush your cat’s teeth and to make this experience positive for both yourself and

your cat follow the steps below:

- To begin with, choose a quiet time and place. You can choose a room with a counter or

tabletop to place your cat and seal all paths of escape.

- Dip and drain a cotton swap from a can of tuna fish. This won’t clean the teeth but most cats

like the taste and will provide a positive connection between brushing teeth and tuna juice.

- While brushing your cat’s teeth place the head at a 45-degree angle and pull back their lips.

No need to open the mouth.

- Lightly rub applicator tip at the area where the gum tissue touches the tooth surface. This is

the area where plaque resides, therefore, you need to rub this outside surface.

- As you are new to this instead of brushing the full mouth rub cotton swab along with a few


- Once your cat is habitual start using a toothbrush.

Supplies Needed to Brush Cat’s Teeth

Dental supplies designed for cats brushing helps remove bacteria and food buildup collected in their

teeth. To remove this collected buildup you need to gather the following tools and supplies.

Cat Toothbrush

Your cute little cat has a tiny mouth and small teeth therefore, you need a tiny little brush for them.

You can use DVM, Bert Gaddis, AVDC, etc. Cat toothbrushes are available with single and double

heads. You can even find brushes that can fit on your pinkie finger.

Cat Toothpaste

Pet toothpaste too comes in enticing flavors. Go with fish one as your cat will not be able to resist it.

Don’t make the mistake of using human toothpaste because they contain fluoride, artificial sweeter,

detergent, etc.

In addition to this have some handy good treats and toys to reward your cat for staying positive.

Step by Step instructions to brush your cat’s teeth

Dental cleanliness will surely make your cat happy and healthy. The very first thing you need to do is,

prepare yourself, be organized, fast and ready for a positive experience.

Get your cat accustomed to tooth brushing

To begin with, take your cat to a quiet environment and lift their lips first then go with entire mouth


Keep a watch on yours and their body language

Talk to them in a soft voice and take note of their body language and tone. If you sound nervous,

they will sense it. Moreover, if they start being fussy stop touching their mouth. Over time they’ll

understand and will let you clean their teeth.

Familiarize your cat to tooth brushing

Once your cat is familiar with you touching their mouth you can introduce toothbrush and paste.

Look for a calm place to take them for brushing and get a toothbrush with tantalizing flavor.

Get brushing!

To start with brushing your cat teeth place them in your lap, lift their lips and then use the toothbrush with paste. Start using a cotton swab. When brushing using a toothbrush begin with the large canine teeth in the front of and then slowly move ahead until you can reach the back upper molars. Reward them with a reward for their cooperation.

This entire process will take time, therefore, be patient and sync with the cat’s pace.

When it comes to the oral hygiene of your pet it can be difficult but by being patient you can get this done. Use the above-mentioned tips while brushing your cat’s teeth.

Further, remember to take your cat for a dental examination at least once a year. Make sure you clean the outside as most plaque is collected there. Also, encourage your cat to open their mouth and let you touch their teeth. For this, you can reward them with a treat or toy as they are positive stimuli.

When it comes to brushing your cat’s, teeth make it a routine. This will keep your cat healthy and fit throughout their lifetime.


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