COVID-19 – Here’s How To Keep Your Pets Safe

COVID-19 – Here’s How To Keep Your Pets Safe

As Coronavirus pandemic continues to develop, many pet parents have become nervous and they would want to know what it means for their best friend.

So, first thing first according to Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , Coronavirus is spread to humans through person-to-person contact.  There’s no evidence that it is spread through animals. This means while you are staying at home to fight Coronavirus you can spend time with your pets. And with this, you need to know what is to be done to keep your four-legged furry friend safe.

Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe During Coronavirus Pandemic

-          God forbid if you are infected by the deadly virus restrict contacting or touching your pet as you do with humans.

-          Dogs and cats aren’t known to be the carrier of the disease, yet if the virus sticks to their fur it can be transmitted. So, if they meet someone who is coughing on their hands and then you or anyone pets the dog there is a possibility of transmission.

Therefore, to avoid the unintentional spread of virus it is always a good idea to wash or sanitize hands after touching your pets.

-          Prepare a kit with essential supplies to stock up on pet supplies. So that if there’s an emergency you have enough food to feed your pet.

-          Identify someone who could help with short or long term care in the event you are unable to take care of your pet. Consider a family member, neighbors or your favorite boarding center.

-          Take your pet for a walk, it is beneficial for both you and your dog. After this remember washing hands.

-          Keep pet supplies out of your kitchen.

-          When working from home if you don’t want your pets to bother you keep them entertained. For this, you can use toys or during breaks to try playing with them. Unlike humans, it’s easy to keep pets entertained and occupied

-          While indoor due to Coronavirus pandemic you think you cannot help pet exercise? You’re wrong. Even when indoors there are several ways to keep pets busy and engaged. It doesn’t matter If you are a dog or a cat parent. You can keep them entertained - call your pooch back and forth, blow bubbles and let them chase, play hide and seek, etc.

-          Since we are under self-quarantine, anyone can get stressed and bored. Due to which without realizing we eat a lot and overfeed our pet. Therefore, to keep yourself and your pet healthy keep a check on what you eat and what you feed to the pet.

-          Create a schedule for your pet. As your workplace has been shifted and you are taking time to adjust to this new arrangement, the same is your pet. Therefore, create a schedule and develop new habits so that you both can adjust to the new changes.

-          Create a pet emergency kit. We never know when things can change therefore, contact your vet and create a pet emergency kit.

-          This pandemic is making everyone anxious and nervous. If you don’t want to transfer this anxiety and stress to your pet try to stay calm. To make it simple try meditating with your pet this will help both you and your pet to stay calm and mentally healthy.

-           Make sure your pets’ vaccines are up-to-date.

By keeping the aforementioned points in mind, you can keep yourself and your pet safe from Coronavirus.

For some, this might be enough but some might have questions for which they need answers. For those looking for answers here you go.

What should I do if my four-legged friend feels sick?

Since so much is unknown about COVID-19, instead of trying any home remedy or being the doctor, yourself try contacting a veterinarian to get your sick pet treated. Also, if you know that your pet has met any Coronavirus patient then inform the vet beforehand.

Can my pet pose a risk for Coronavirus transmission?

COVID-19 can stay on fomites (the surface that can carry infection like door knobs etc.). It might sound strange but your pets are a surface. An infected person if coughs on your dog then animal fur can transmit the virus. The risk of this type of transmission is low but we cannot take any chances. Therefore, after petting your dog or touching him, wash your hands thoroughly.

Certainly, our pets mean the world to us as we need them they too need us. By maintaining good hygiene, health and routine you can keep yourself and your pet safe from the Coronavirus.



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