Five Facts That Nobody Told You About Dog Supplements

facts about dog supplements

Is There A Need Of Dietary Supplements For Dogs?

Mineral and vitamin supplements both for dogs and humans have become common. Millions of people use it, yet the debate about their effectiveness exists. For some they are useless however some think they are essential.

If you fall under the former category, this post is just for you. Here we explain why you should feed your dog the supplements and facts about dog supplements

Does your Dog need supplement?

Yes, if you feed your dog a homemade diet you need to add supplements to his diet. This will not only keep him healthy but will also help deal with various problems like - arthritis, joint pains, cognitive dysfunction, etc.

Therefore, before you decide to add vitamin and mineral supplements to his diet you need to know the following five things.

Five Things You Need To Know Before Adding Mineral And Vitamin Supplements

1.       All supplements are not created equally

So how do you decide if the supplement you are giving is good or bad?

First, you should check for the company that is creating the supplements. It should be designed by a company that has an expertise in pet food and supplements.

Alongside they should provide all essential information related to ingredients, quality of items added, etc on the label.

Fact - Vitamins, amino acids, and mineral supplements are regulated by law. This means they are safe and there is a guarantee that what you see on the label is what’s inside the bottle.

In addition to this, the price of the product also needs to be checked. If the price is too good to be true, stay wary of it. Certainly, they are good for your pocket but not for your pooch. Therefore, never go for cheaper products.

Another common supplement that you need to check for is glucosamine. It supports joint health and dogs need it in a manner that can be absorbed easily. So, if the supplement you are picking doesn’t have it, you might not see much impact on your dog.

We recommend using Joint Max Triple Strength Hip & Joint Pain Relief Soft Chews. To buy these amazing soft chews click here

2.       Certain breeds may need more than others

Compared to smaller dogs’ large-breed dogs need more supplements and they tend to benefit from them. Especially the supplements that target joint health should be given because as they get older, they might suffer from arthritis.

In addition to this, dog breeds like golden retrievers and labs are susceptible to dysplasia and they require joint supplements at an earlier age.

Therefore, feeding them a joint supplement will help live a healthy life. To know more about Joint Max for Dogs and how it helps read here

When it comes to cats, they need omega 3 Fatty acids as it helps deal with appetite issues, dry fur coats, and other problems.

3.       Pet diet plays a great role in adding supplements

Being a pet parent, you think you know what is best for your pooch. But when it comes to feeding a balanced diet you cannot be always right. Why?

Because most homemade foods do not consist of all essential minerals and vitamins. Missing anyone of it affects your best friend.

To deal with this you need to consult your veterinarian and discuss the diet. Again, in this area, Joint Max wins as it is prescribed by vets across the globe. So, you know, now why it is the best supplement.

4.       Potential risk

A balanced diet and good supplements are the best medicine for pets. A good diet helps keep them fit and healthy. If you decide to start giving them a supplement see if it is recommended by the vet because not all supplements are recommended. In addition to this, it should be approved by NATIONAL ANIMAL SUPPLEMENT COUNCIL (NASC).

If you see this seal it means the supplement is committed to improving your furry friend’s health Moreover, accurate labeling is what you should never skip checking.

5.       Authenticity

Only an authentic supplement provider will give all the information regarding the product. Before buying it check the site for description and other details. This will tell you if the product is genuine or not.

Moreover, the labels should tell about the shelf life of the product. If you find all this only then you can trust a product.

This is all. Keeping these 5 points in mind you can choose the right supplement for your dog. Our recommendation is Joint Max Health Soft Chews and other products offered by We suggest you give it a try. In case you have any questions feel free to drop in the same in the comments section.


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