How To Take Care Of Newborn Puppies

The initial months in the life of a newborn are crucial because they go through a lot of transformation known as puppyhood. They are sensitive & need to be given a lot of care. There’s a lot of work because you have to take care of the mother & her newborn pups as well. You have to keep everything ready beforehand to avoid any mishap. You have to constantly check the mother that she is totally healthy for her newborn puppies. Here are some tips on how you can take care of the newborn in a healthy & happy way at your home :
Environment: A clean & healthy environment is a must for any newborn be it puppies or humans. Cleanliness protects them from bacterias and viruses which are harmful to them. The mother cleans the litter in the initial week but as the pup grows and opens its eyes it gets more & more problematic to take care of the puppies. So, you need to have a spacious room and proper bedding with some stock to change and maintain the environment.
Weight:  Electronic kitchen or postal scales allow accurate and regular weighing of puppies. You will have to maintain a weight chart for every puppy and even the mother too! Any rapid decrease or increase in the weight is an alarm of immediately taking the puppy/ mother to the vet.
Nourishment & Nursing: The initial months of the mother’s energy will go to feeding her puppies. She will get tired and her diet needs to be more & healthy with nutritions on it. Consult your vet regarding what/ what not should be included in her diet.
Vet Check: Young puppies are susceptible to disease and infection. Newborn puppy care should include regular inspections to watch for signs of infection or poor health. Report anything unusual such as vomiting, diarrhea, or a puppy who won't stand or eat to your vet. Consult a vet as soon as you notice something which is seeming harmful to the health of the puppies & their mother.


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