Inside Story : - He was a feeling to me, says Sushant Singh Rajputs fan

sushant singh rajput dog inside story

Sushant Singh Rajput Fans are still finding it difficult to come to terms with the actor's untimely demise. Paying a tribute to the late actor, Sritam Banerjee, an artist from Kolkata, sketched several portraits of Sushant. In his latest ode to Sushant, he has painted the late actor with his beloved pet Fudge. He beautifully created a portrait of Sushant extending his hands to his dog fudge, a black Labrador sitting quietly in front. The picture speaks volumes about the pet missing Sushant after not finding him around the house anymore. 

Sushant's painting by Sritam Banerjee has gone viral on the internet and several fan clubs of the actor have been sharing the same on social media. Speaking about his connection with Sushant, Sritam Banerjee told ETimes, "I am beyond a fan of him (Sushant). The word ‘fan’ might not be applicable here! He was an emotion to me. Somewhere I can relate myself to him strongly! I still can’t believe! Unimaginable.”

What happens is we often talk about living and dying .. But both these things are not in our hands.

What is in our hands is that positive attitude.

"Your result does not determine whether you are a loser or not ... your attempt deeds" - the same dialogue Sushant Singh said in his movie Chichhore.

All is true, the character is different behind the scenes and different in front of the screen. Now we don't know what Sushant was struggling with, fighting alone. But one thing is for sure whether it is in our hands to live life or not .. Some people die while living, they have no desire in life - Neither desired nor success; At the same time, there are some people who only live their lives, which does not mean money, from home, car .. Likewise, Sushant was the only one who had to enjoy his life and complete his dreams. Sushant was the first Indian actor who bought a piece on Moon.

By the way appeared all over social media discussing mental health, At the same time, many people started a rally in Bihar against the injustice done to Sushant. Mental Health is the most important thing. Please do not take any step from all of you and never take such a step and share it with your family members and help one another. Love and strength to Sushant's family members. 

May his soul find peace and rest.

Here are some more portraits of Sushant Singh Rajput by Sritam Banerjee:

Not so long ago, several fake pictures of Sushant’s pet were being circulated on the internet claiming that his dog had passed away due to the grief of the actor’s demise. However, clearing the air a source close to Sushant had stated that all four dogs of the actor, including Fudge, are fine and safe at his home in Pavna.


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