Simple Ways to Calm Down your Anxious and Stressed Dog

How to Calm down your dog?

Ever got scared due to thunderstorms and fireworks?

Well, you know how it feels. Being nervous, anxious, all this can be overwhelming, even devastating, at times. Unfortunately, it’s not only humans that feel it, but your pooch also experiences it and in varying degrees. And seeing your dog suffering from anxiety can be devastating.

To get him out of this pain you will do anything but calming an anxious pet is not easy, and finding an effective treatment will typically call for a certified animal behaviourist or a vet.

Whatever the case be, being a pet parent it’s your responsibility to reduce the anxiety and help your best friend.

Along with taking help from experts, there are different ways that you can try yourself to decrease your pooch’s stress and anxiety.

Simple Ways to Calm Down Your Pet 

When looking for ways to calm down your pet the most important thing you need to do is recognize what your furry friend finds comforting. You might find if you sit next to him it is soothing, but your best friend might want to be alone.

Therefore, you need to watch your dog and observe the things they do to soothe themselves. This will help know what exactly they want you to do so that they can be calmed down when anxious.

Below are the best ways you can try doing on your own in your home to calm down your dog.

Get a Comfortable Kennel 

How to Create Cozy Corner?

To create a comfortable and relaxing corner you first need to place the kennel at a quiet place. Remember not to put it too far, as this might make your furry friend left out. After finding the right corner, place the Kennel, cover it with the used blanket. On top, it put a comfortable fleece. This will help him feel comfortable. 

You can also play some soothing sounds, dim the light and keep a dog toy next to him. This will help him feel more relaxed.

Give them a time out 

Sometimes dogs become so anxious that nothing helps. In such a situation give them a space of their own. If your furry friend crawls under the couch or hides under the blanket when they are stressed, let them be there as this might be their special corner and what they need.

Use Aromatherapy and essential oils

You can find essential oils, scents, balms, sprays etc that will help soothe and calm your anxious dog. You can rub the spray on your hands and then can pat your palms along your dog’s back. To do it the right way to read instructions written on the box. Also do not try to overuse them as this might be something your dog might not like.

Give your dog a job

Like humans, dogs can sit ideal. This makes them anxious. Therefore, to help your pooch relax assign a task as this will remove hyperactivity and will redirect his energy elsewhere. For instance, have him wear a backpack with extra weight this will keep him absorbed and he won’t have time to focus on things that make him stressed or anxious.

Take him for a walk

If your dog is too active and he is not able to use the energy he can become restless. Therefore, take him out for a vigorous walk. This is an excellent way to vent out that build up energy and make him relaxed.

Keep a watch on your actions

Your best friend is a replica of you. The energy you will pass on to him he will reflect according to that. IF you are will be in an agitated mood or will be stressed, anxious, nervous. Your dog will also feel the same way. Hence to relax to him you need to calm yourself down first.

Ignore your pooch’s hyper behaviour

Sometimes to gain your attention your dog jumps, nips at you in an overexcited way or does something different from normal. If you pay attention to this behaviour you are reinforcing this outburst. Try ignoring him, stop touching, talking or having eye contact. You might be surprised to see how your dog calms down after this.

Reinforce positive behaviour

Remember reinforcing positive behaviour and discouraging negative will make your dog understand what is right and wrong. Instead of welcoming negativity praise him fording right by giving treats, toy us, etc.

Do some mental simulation

Some dogs are not meant to sit ideal they are traditionally bread to work. If you don’t give them a job, they might become anxious. My dog is like this and I missed focusing on it and this made him anxious. Hence, I ask you to pay attention to your dog and teach your dogs tricks and skills. If you don’t have time then you can get him a membership at dog training gym. This will stimulate his hunting instincts and will make hi feel relaxed less anxious.

Avoid Stress Triggers

The simplest way to keep your furry friend stress free is to avoid putting them into that situation. If your pup hates fireworks or gets frightened because of too much noise put up white noise or put him into the interior. This help keeps him stay away and keep him sane avoid such triggers.

All these tips will help keep your dog calm and relaxed. So, follow them whenever you think your dog is anxious and stressed. If any of this helped do let us know. Remember sharing is caring. If you have anything else leave us a comment it will help our readers and their pooch. 


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