Top 6 Dog Breeds in India for 2020

Top 6 dog breeds India

With February being the assigned month for love, courtesy Valentine’s Day, why not bring a furry, four-legged companion who offers you this feeling unconditionally throughout the year? They can certainly prove to be your best companion for life, they are always happy to see you and they are great company no matter what. Other than this, they are also extremely intelligent and easy to manage at home.

If you are seriously considering going in for a dog this New Year, here are 6 top dog breeds in India you simply have to consider opting from.


  • The Labrador originally came from Newfoundland in the 1500s is probably the go-to option for most Indian families looking for a happy, outgoing, highly energized, adorable and extremely active canine friend.

  • They grow to a good medium-large size and are great companions, outgoing by nature, are playful and live long and healthy lives. They live long and healthy lives and can’t help but entertain you.

  • Grooming them involves inspection, brushing, bathing, cleaning the eyes and ears and clipping.

  • A nutritious diet involves cottage cheese, protein such as meat, fish or poultry, fruits, and vegetables.


  • The Doberman originated in Apolda in Thueringen, Germany, and they are great guard dogs.

  • They have a strong bite, are very intelligent, extremely powerful and simply fearless. If you want to get a dog mainly for security reasons, their suspicion of strangers, high level of loyalty and obedience and innate tendencies for being watchful and defensive ensure they are ideal for you.

  • A good bath, brushing the coat and trimming of nails do the trick to groom them.

  • They require high-quality foods that are easy to digest. Meat sources such as beef, chicken or lamb are best.

German Shepherd

  • The German Shepherd originated in Germany and belongs to an active and intelligent breed.

  • They are loyal, famous for their strength, have a medium energy level and are ideal the ideal choice for a family.

  • This breed responds well to training while its thick coat needs a weekly grooming session.

  • Most Nutritious Dog Food for German Shepherds require a high-quality, protein-rich diet that comes with carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, minerals, and fatty acids.


  • Evidence of pug like dogs was first witnessed in ancient Tibet and China.

  • They may have a grumpy looking face but are in fact charming, loving, even-tempered and mischievous.

  • They need minimal grooming and are ideal companions to have around for good company.

  • Both wet and dry foods are suitable for pugs. Animal sources high in protein are a good choice while gluten-free grains are best.

Golden Retriever

  • The Golden Retriever originated in the Highlands of Scotland. They are a fun-loving, friendly and well-mannered dog when trained right.

  • They are not hard to train, especially with Best Dog Training Treats and are known for their sporting ability and intelligence.

  • Their dense coat needs regular brushing while dry kibble keeps their teeth clean.

  • This breed requires dog food with high meat content


  • The Rottweiler originated in Germany; it has a powerful appearance and belongs to the smart breed of dogs. It is also the easiest breed to deal with if you can give it two solid workouts a day.

  • Although they have a reputation for being vicious, only if they are trained his way they develop these tendencies. While they are protective of their territory, in front of friends and family, they do not shy away from appearing to look like a clown.

  • They have smooth coats and so they need a little more than frequent brushing and an occasional bath to maintain it.

  • They need a diet consisting of 22-26% of protein from chicken and other high protein foods. A small amount of beef or animal fat should be in the diet.

So there you have it, some of the most popular dog breeds in Indian that you must take a look at if you are considering going in for one. No matter which dog you pick, going in for a dog with an easy temperament and minimal grooming requirements, you are sure to find a dog that is easy to manage. However, if you are willing to put in the effort and time, by all means, go ahead with the one you choose. In the end, whichever dog you pick, they are sure to be companions for life.


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