Combo Offer - Buy 2 Small Joint Max (Dog Hip and Joint Supplement), Get 20% Discount

  • These soft chews are a blend of ingredients that targets all the areas of bone health like - lubrication, cartilage support, connective tissues and bone and cushioning of tissues. In addition, this advanced formula comprises of antioxidants that helps decrease oxidative stress in bones.
  • Contains active ingredients like Glucosamine, Chondroitin, EPA & DHA, and Creatine. Where Glucosamine helps in keeping joints and connective tissue lubricated, mobile and strong, Chondroitin works on making cartilage healthy by absorbing water that is essential to hydrate and provide cushioning. Omega -3 fatty acids reduces joint stiffness.
  • Joint Max contains anti- inflammatory agents and antioxidants that helps in keeping connective tissues healthy. Further antioxidants help improving overall health of joints and bones of your pup. Vitamin C repairs and help rebuild cartilage to keep your dog happy and mobile.
  • It is a quality product that contains good blend of all the necessary ingredients set by the NATIONAL ANIMAL SUPPLEMENT COUNCIL (NASC). This seal can be obtained only when products commit on improving your pet’s health and this product has it. Joint Max undergoes strict inspection to get the seal and is consistent in the quality. Moreover, its accurate labels provide all the necessary information that makes understanding the product and its usage simple.
  • Easy to manage, soft chews
  • 100% product guarantee, so that you can use it without any worry. Joint MAX can be used with prescription drugs.
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